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Die persoon gaan die volgende leer.

  • Hoe om ‘n doek voor te berei.

  • Hoe om die portret te teken op die doek.

  • Hoe om die onderlaag van die portret te verf op die doek.

  • Die meng van kleure en die gebruik daarvan.

  • Leer om ‘n oog, neus, mond, ore en hare te skilder.

  • Ons gaan poog om die kunswerk in ses weke te voltooi.(Dit wissel van persoon tot persoon)

The person going to learn the following:

  • To prepare a canvas

  • To draw the portrait on the canvas.

  • How paint the underpainting of the portrait on the canvas.

  • How to mix colors and to use it.

  • Learn to paint an eye, nose, mouth, ears and hair.

  • To aim is to complete a portrait in six weeks.(It differs from person to person)





Every person will receive a list of art supplies that are required for the course.

Paint Brushes with Paint on Them
Painters Palette

Adult Classes

All adults welcome.

Oil Portrait classes.

Time slots: To be confirmed

Please send an email to for more information.

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